Easy Glass Wall

Easy Glass Wall

Easy Glass Wall


A glass balustrade and glass screen all in one. Do you wish to close off a staircase while keeping its airy and visible design? Easy Glass Wall helps you turn stairs into eye catching features. Furthermore, this glass balustrade-turned screen optimizes the flow of light.

  • Light and medium use ceiling-high partitions for indoor and
    outdoor settings
  • Easy mounting confirmed by a reassuring click
  • For glass up to 3.5 m high and a variety of span widths
  • Compatible with Q-railing’s glass mounted handrails and

Installing Easy Glass Wall is extremely straightforward. You get to choose from 4 different options and no matter which one you go with, safety is assured.

You can also use Easy Glass Wall as a full-glass wall for creating secluded yet transparent office or meeting spaces.

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